Fresh, Quality,

Sourced Locally

We purchase from local suppliers whenever possible

Committed to Quality

We don’t skimp out! We believe the food we serve should always be good enough to feed our own families


All of the chicken used to craft our delicious chicken sandwiches and poutines are purchased from a halal certified supplier


Why Leguan?

Our Mother Clucker’s are handcrafted with ingredients so fresh you could almost hear the bird clucking! Thighs, the juiciest part of the bird, are marinated for 24 hours and tossed in our secret blend of herbs and spices before they become  gold n’ krispy. We slap that bird between two Guyanese sweet buns that are toasted to buttery perfection, then topped with our spicy slaw, 100% cheddar cheese, and spicy aioli. It’s the perfect fusion of bird meets flavour!

About Us

Leguan was established to share the love of chicken sandwiches with the world. After countless tweaks and revisions, the final product is something we’re very proud of. Established in late 2021, the owners, burnt out from nursing during the pandemic, decided to do something they loved: crafting chicken sandwiches. What started as casual comments from friends and family evolved into a food truck that aims to deliver quality each and every time. We hope our love for the bird translates to you after each and every bite!


What our friends say

Where do I even begin… this place is beyond extraordinary. By far the best fried chicken sandwich sandwichspot we have tried

Oksana K

!!! HIDDEN GEM ALERT!!! A few days ago we discovered one of the best fried chicken sandos Mississauga has to offer!

Richa Roy

We've Gone Mobile!

Now able to cater for events large and small!

Current Location

Cobourg Beach

Contact Us

(905) 490-0168

Hours of Operation

June 17th – September 6th, 2023

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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